Training Opportunities


Upcoming Train the Trainer Trainings:

If you are interested in a training, email info [at] campsontracks [dot] com

Online Training Troubleshooting:

  • If you are experiencing problems with the online trianing and are not recieving the send back email please try your personal email (gmail, hotmail, etc)
  • There are many school boards and organizations whose work emails block the return TRACKS email. 
  • Please be aware of this and info [at] campsontracks [dot] com if the problem continues to happen!



Camps on TRACKS is a social skills training program to support adult leaders to teach typically developing children the skills to be better friends to their peers with disabilities and social challenges, in order to create a camp environment where all children are included and are meaningful participants.

Contact us today at info [at] campsontracks [dot] com  for your FREE in person training. You can access the online training on your own by clicking on the Login tab.

There are four unique ways to receive Camps on TRACKS training:

Individual Online Training Modules

  • Go to the ‘Login’ button located at the top right corner of the website and sign up for the online training module
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Practice questions, case studies, videos, and real life examples throughout
  • Receive a Certificate and become a certified Camps on TRACKS implementer!


Small Group Online Training

  • Download our Small Group Online Training Guide
  • Read instructions and prepare activities before starting the training
  • Complete at the pace of your group (generally 2-4 participants)
  • Practice questions and activities as a group
  • Email info [at] campsontracks [dot] com  with the names and email addresses of all the participants so they can recieve their individual certificates and become a Camps on TRACKS implementer!



  • Customize your own in-person training
  • Contact Us at info [at] campsontracks [dot] com  to explore customizing a training/coaching session that works for you and your team!  
  • In-person trainings / workshops
  • Lunch & learn, half day, full day trainings
  • In-person consultation / coaching for camps in Ontario
  • Phone consultation for camps outside of Ontario

A huge "thank-you!" to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for providing funding for the Camps on TRACKS program.  This funding allows this training be provided to camps free of charge for the life of the grant (until Spring of 2019).

In-Person School or Camp Training

  • Customize your in person training. We can come and train your camp staff, recreation staff, teachers, etc!
  • We can customize this training to any length if you do not want the full Train the Trainer
  • These sessions usually are approximately 1 hour to 2.5 hours in length depending on the size of the group, and the amount of activities we participate in.


Become a Camps on TRACKS Certified Trainer

Attend a scheduled training or book your own by contacting  info [at] campsontracks [dot] com . Email us today to learn more!

The Camps on TRACKS training program is organized around 5 teaching modules.

The individual online training and the small group trainings are both facilitated around these five modules.

Module One

Introduction to Camps on TRACKS – provides an overview of what TRACKS is, who TRACKS is for, when and where TRACKS should be used, why TRACKS benefits all campers. 

Module Two

Camper Awareness – diversity training to teach the campers about different challenges individuals with disabilities or social challenges may encounter on a daily basis.  This demonstrates to peers how individuals with disabilties are able to do the same things, but focus on overcoming the challenges.

Module Three

Teaching TRACKS – providing campers with the skills to interact with one another effectively, and how to include everyone. Campers are taught skills with a child friendly acronym:

Try Again (Persistence)

Right Thing (Correcting)

Assist (Prompting)

Congratulate (Reinforcement)

Keep Trying (Persistence)

Show (Modeling) 

Module Four

Prompting through Peers – using a peer-mediated approach, adult leaders encourage peer-to-peer interactions by prompting through peers, rather than always directly assisting campers with disabilities and other social challenges.

Module Five

Reward System – using a group reinforcement system to increase the likelihood of positive peer-interactions occurring in the future.

TRACKS has taken a lot of pressure off of me, it’s made the day a lot less exhausting. I’m not constantly going to campers to bring them back to the group, I am able to prompt a lot through peers at the beginning of the week to teach them what we’re supposed to be doing and when.  By the end of the week I’m not even having to prompt a camper to help their friend, they are starting to do it automatically!
Jayden, City of London Camp Counsellor