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Terms and Conditions & Online Privacy Policy

Camps on TRACKS (partnership of Thames Valley Children’s Centre, Fanshawe College, and City of London) are committed to ensuring the privacy of individuals accessing the website. All personal information collected for log-in and use in the training is protected by The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Therefore, you will be informed of how your personal information is collected and how you can exercise your right to access the information.

Camps on TRACKS does not automatically gather any personal information from you, such as name, email address, and telephone number, as the user, unless provided to us through registration for the training. By providing us this information, you are able to access the training modules repeatedly, and access information and resources, including a training certificate (available after successful completion of the training). The information that is received and stored is safeguarded to prevent unauthorized disclosure. The information will be used to track the number of participants who started and completed the training, and to send follow-up information and additional training information. No disclosure of personal information will be provided unless written consent is provided. To access your personal information, please send an email to the Camps on TRACKS administrator on our contact page.

Before completing the training, you will be directed to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, our funder’s website, to complete a pre-survey. By providing your information to Ontario Trillium, you will be emailed a post-survey following the completion of this information. Camps on TRACKS does not share your personal information with Ontario Trillium, but is provided by you, the user.

Emails communicated to Camps on TRACKS are not secure unless using our secure Contact page. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not send sensitive personal information via email.

External Links
Links to other websites are provided as a resource. Camps on TRACKS accept no responsibility for the content of linked sites.

Online Training
The training offered on this website is designed to be completed in the order provided with readings, videos, and quizzes. Camps on TRACKS takes no liability for the misuse of the training materials as provided or improper implementation of the program or procedures.

Digital Markers
Digital markers are resources that are provided by the user’s browser to remember certain information when returning to a website. Camps on TRACKS does use digital markers in some portions of the website. This does not allow Camps on TRACKS to identify individuals, unless provided in the log-in to training. You may change browser settings to disallow this (cookies), however, it may impact your use of the Camps on TRACKS website.

Web analytics are also used to improve the website. This includes collection of information such as the originating IP address, the date and time of request, the domain used to access the site, the pages visited and documents downloaded, and the type of operating system. You may opt out of this by disabling cookies on your web browser.

The information on this website is copyrighted by Thames Valley Children’s Centre, Fanshawe College, and the City of London. Information on the site cannot be changed, reproduced, or redistributed without written consent. Downloadable information may be reproduced, but changes to the document are strictly prohibited.


At the beginning of the week they started with the TRACKS program and I think this really allowed the campers to understand that Annabelle may act a little differently than them. The program helps them to understand that she really wants to interact and is trying to engage with them, but doesn’t feel comfortable to do so. So the TRACKS program facilitated a lot of this interaction. Campers would try multiple times in different ways to interact with Annabelle to get her to engage with them. It’s been really neat to see how Annabelle has come such a long way from the beginning of the week until now.
Lee, parent of a TRACKS camper