For TRACKS camps

For TRACKS camps

Are you interested in bringing Camps on TRACKS to your camp or program?  Here are a few tools that will help you get started.  Be sure to complete the training to gain access to all the resources and activities that are available.

The Role of the Camps on TRACKS Coordinator
This handout highlights the role of the TRACKS Coordinator and the activities that are important to support a successful roll-out of Camps on TRACKS at your camp.

Module One - Introduction to Camps on TRACKS (handout)
This handout gives an introductory look at the structure and content of the Camps on TRACKS program. 

The Five Steps of Prompting Through Peers  
This handout highlights the five specific steps of prompting through peers, highlighting the roles of the counsellor and all campers.

The Peer Mediated Approach
This handout highlights the power of peers and demonstrates the significance of moving towards a peer-mediated approach from the more traditional adult-led approach.

I like it because you can meet new friends, and everybody is included. 
Joey, TRACKS Camper