Information for Parents

For Parents

The Camps on TRACKS program fosters an inclusive environment that ensures ALL kids have fun and belong at camp. This program is based on extensive research, and is implemented with the combined support of the camp staff, parents and children. Even though the parent is present during the everyday camp schedule, their role is vital in ensuring the success of the program.

Benefits of the Camps on TRACKS Program

The Camps on TRACKS program implements a peer-mediated approach in order to educate peers on interacting respectfully and appropriately with your child in the natural camp setting. TRACKS creates a welcoming and safe environment for children with disabilities and social challenges, and provides oppourtunties for your child to thrive.

By implementing this program through a peer-mediated approach, peers will be including your child, asking them to join activities, and initiating conversation. Often when peers are taught how to interact and assist, rather than just be physically included with children with disabilities, they are the best ‘teachers.’ Peers are more effective social skill models, as their prompts and mannerisms are much more age-appropriate than when adults teach these same skills. 

When peers take the lead on these interactions, the skills generalize easier into the natural environment, rather than an adult teaching the skill and hoping it generalizes in the activities with peers. Overall, this program will help your child create authentic friendships with their peers, and gives them the tools to succeed in future social interactions.

Consent in the Camps on TRACKS Program

At Camps on TRACKS, we understand the uniqueness of every child, and hold the comfort level of both your child and your family to the upmost importance. It is critical that parents are aware of what activities are taking place at camp, in order to ensure that your child and their peers are being properly and respectfully educated.

When you register your child for camp and disclose their disability or social challenge, a TRACKS Coordinator will reach out to you regarding the current plan in place to include your child at camp. Disclosure of your child's disability will only occur with your consent, and participation in simulation and other TRACKS activities is up to your discretion as a parent. The TRACKS Coordinator will keep open lines of communication with you and your family in order to modify the program to best fit your child's needs.

Should you have any questions or concerns, you may contact your individual camp or the Camps on TRACKS Team at info [at] campsontracks [dot] com


This letter provides an overview, history and implementation schedule for the Camps on TRACKS program at your camp. 

This brochure outlines the Camps on TRACKS program and is a great tool to share with your local camp. As a parent, you may want to suggest the Camps on TRACKS training to a camp near you.  

The Camps on TRACKS team has compiled a list of books that are great to use in Camper Awareness activities. 




He knows that’s the environment that he’s in, that we’re all in it together, everybody belongs, and everybody helps everybody. So, I think that’s important because in life it’d be nice if he grows up where he’s in a community where the people that he’s with can help him so that it doesn’t always have to be an adult.
Trevor, parent of a TRACKS camper