For Counsellors

For Counsellors

The following resources and activities are a small sample of what is available to you as a counsellor after you complete the online training.  Be sure to complete the training to receive your link to many more suggested activities and ideas facilitating the Camps on TRACKS program in your camp.

Module One - Introduction to TRACKS - Sample of Resources

Module One - Introduction to TRACKS
This booklet outlines the first TRACKS module - Introduction to TRACKS.  Access to the booklets outlining the final four modules will be provided to you at the completion of the training.

Introduction to TRACKS – Sample Activity – Barn Yard Babble
This is a sample activity that is used when introducing TRACKS to your camp.  It is a great activity that highlights similarities and differences, as well as the importance of including everyone at camp.

Module Two - Camper Awareness - Sample of Resources

Camper Awareness – SAMPLE Activity – Beaded Bracelet
This activity increases the awareness of campers to some of the difficulties that campers with fine motor challenges face.  The debriefing conversation helps campers to recognize strategies to overcome some of these challenges.

Camper Awareness – Book List
This is a list of books that are the favourites of different TRACKS Camps.  These books are great tools for the similarities and differences conversations as well as jump-starting conversations about specific childhood disabilities or challenges.

Module Three - Teaching TRACKS - Sample of Resources

Teaching TRACKS – Sample Activity – Cheer
This activity is a creative way of teaching campers the TRACKS skills. By creating a cheer (or a rap or song), counsellors are teaching the skills in a way that is easier for campers to remember.

Teaching TRACKS Skills
This handout outlines the six TRACKS skills.  

Module Four - Prompting Through Peers - Sample of Resources

The Five Steps of Prompting Through Peers  
This handout highlights the five specific steps of prompting through peers, highlighting the roles of the counsellor and all campers.

The Peer Mediated Approach
This handout highlights the power of peers and demonstrates the significance of moving towards a peer-mediated approach from the more traditional adult-led approach.

Module Five - Rewards - Sample of Resources

Rewards – Sample Activity – Reinforcement Train
This poster is one example of how camps can show and reward the participation of campers in the Camps on TRACKS program.

Rewards – Sample Activity – TRACKS BINGO
This reward example was developed by City of London camp staff.  It is a great example of a full-camp reward challenge.

Other Resources

Camps on TRACKS brochure
This brochure is a simple tool to help you support a specific child in your camp.  It prompts you as a counsellor to think about specific strategies to maximize inclusion for all of your campers.

“I have definitely seen an increase in peer interaction with TRACKS, we have noticed now that what was a leader centered camp atmosphere is now child centered. They’re doing things for each other to make sure all the campers are included.”Adam, City of London Camp Coordinator
Adam, City of London Camp Coordinator