Camps on TRACKS in the Media

Camps on TRACKS in the Media

Camps on TRACKS in the Media

Funding Announcement and Launch of the Website and Online Training

Camps on TRACKS receives three year funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to grow the program across the province.


Announcement from the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Announcement from Thames Valley Children's Centre

Announcement from Fanshawe College Autism Program

Announcement from Fanshawe College Research Program

Camps on TRACKS official launch with the Ontario Trillium Foundation on June 22, 2017.


Media Release

Websites Highlighting the Camps on TRACKS Program

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City of London

Brookes Publishing



I think it’s a really good program. I like the way that the staff hand off some of the support for the children with special needs to some of the other campers because I know they are being taught ways that they can support the kids themselves. So, if Ben is having trouble with something another child might help him as opposed to running just to get a staff member.
Sonja, Parent of a TRACKS Camper