Our dream is for all children with exceptionalities to be meaningful participants in all aspects of camp.

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Using evidence-based peer-mediated approaches, the Camps on TRACKS program supports adult leaders to teach children the skills to be better friends to their peers with disabilities and social challenges, building a camp environment where all children are included and are meaningful participants.


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Camps on TRACKS

Research, Publications and References

Research, Publications and References

Read more about the research and publications about the Camps on TRACKS program.

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Training Resources

Training Resources

We are excited you are interested in becoming a TRACKS Certified Implementer and/or Trainer!

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Camps on TRACKS is really beneficial for ALL kids. And I highlight ALL because it really is not just for the individual with the disability or the social challenge. It’s for all campers because all campers need these skills. They need to know how to be a good friend and ultimately to have fun at camp.
Aimee, Camps on TRACKS Lead